Success Story: When a business experiences the unexpected - Part 2

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When your business is hit with an unusual challenge, it’s important to have an experienced insurance agent to guide you through the process. Kyle Retherford, an account executive at Witkemper Insurance Group, shares a unique client experience that required quick, thoughtful counsel. 

It's easy to say we insure your building, but I also had a policy in there called business income. And most contractors don't take that because they think, well, I can just dropship material somewhere. My guys can go work on site. Heck, we can office out of my garage, I don't care. But in this situation, there was significant loss of business income because it took a while to replace the material that was lost.

And in working with this type of policy, it's pretty easy to calculate the jobs that you lose. But what was tough and what we were able to help out with is, hey, what about the jobs that you did, but there was an extra cost associated with it, right? So we want to keep our employees working, but we have to get new material from way away. And there are extra fuel charges. There are shipping charges. In order to meet our time goals for the general contractor, we had to hire subcontractors. That's an additional expense that wasn't going to be covered under there. They also had to rent out several warehouse spaces to store the new stuff that was coming in because the building wasn't done. That's extra, really, that would not be included in any sort of property insurance or liability insurance for this plumber that ended up doing it, which it was just a really unique situation.

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