Success Story: When a business experiences the unexpected - Part 1

When your business is hit with an unusual challenge, it’s important to have an experienced insurance agent to guide you through the process. Kyle Retherford, an account executive at Witkemper Insurance Group, shares a unique client experience that required quick, thoughtful counsel. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

One of the relationships that I've had almost since I started here at Witkemper is a painting contractor that I work with. I've had tons of claims in my 16 years of being in commercial insurance, but this one was a little unique in the fact that they have a warehouse in a small town here in Indiana, and a local plumbing contractor contacted my client and said, 'hey, do you mind if I use your building to look at my van? My van is kind of running weird. I think I know what it is, but it's kind of cold out here. And do you mind if I just pull into your shop?' And the guy was like, yeah, no problem.

So in doing his service work to his own vehicle, he actually started a fire and left because he thought his van was going to blow up. And it caught the entire building on fire. And being a painting contractor, they had, like, 10,000 gallons of paint and lacquer, and it was an explosion. So the unique situation about that was, it wasn't my client's negligence or fault. It wasn't an act of God. And the guy whose fault it was was a plumber, not an auto mechanic. So he didn't really have insurance for being a mechanic.

Listen to part 2 of Kyle's client story here.

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