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Insurance and Risk Management Programs for Schools

Most people don't think of running a school or group of schools as the complex business it is. But the education environment includes constantly changing demands on expectations, budget, and non-traditional use of school property. Risk management, including insurance, can be an ongoing challenge for school managers and administration.

Use of contractors and volunteers mean that your school's insurance program can't stop at simply making sure claims are covered for employees and teachers acting within the scope of their jobs. Student travel and enrichment programs mean that your insurance protection needs to extend far beyond school grounds. Threats of violence within schools and threats of terrorism from without mean that today, your school's insurance program needs to be more comprehensive and robust than ever.

The School Insurance team at Witkemper Insurance Group and Financial Services can help you sort through the unique risks you face. And we have the options to help you craft an effective, economical risk management and insurance program. We work with schools and provide insurance services for schools all over Indiana.

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