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Since 1984, Witkemper Insurance Group and Financial Services has served Indiana businesses and families with the highest level of expertise. Kyle Nichols, owner and president of Witkemper, talks about the company's values and goals. View the video or read the transcript below.

Announcer: I'm here with Kyle Nichols, owner of Witkemper Insurance Group in Indiana, and Kyle, tell us about Witkemper's role as an agency here in Indiana?

Kyle: Yeah, great question. I think our number one role as an agency is really to be that trusted partner to our clients. We are here to protect all the hard work they put into their business. And our job is really to form a partnership to develop a long and short-term strategy to not only help control their costs but also to protect their most valuable asset, which is certainly their business and their employees.

Announcer: Thanks for sharing that. With so many insurance agencies in the state, what makes Witkemper different?

Kyle: Sure, another great question. I think, without a doubt, our number one difference maker among our peers is our staff. Clients can buy the same products we sell from so many different agents across the state of Indiana. However, the longevity, our years of experience, the honesty, integrity, and overall character of our team is really the true difference-maker that blesses us with outstanding client retention. Furthermore, relationships do begin and are formed with our sales team. Putting the boots on the ground on a daily basis, forming these relationships, and turning prospects into long-term, customers with both of our sides working together and achieving the same goals, our clients truly are the ones that reap the benefits of this.

Announcer: Tell us why you think customers choose Witkemper Insurance Group.

Kyle: I think if you if you go back to the first couple of points we discussed as far as our role as an agency and what makes Witkemper different, you know, it goes back to being that trusted advisor, right? In recognizing the importance of developing trust as one of our customers' key business advisors. That's why they hire us to manage their risks, to protect their business, and certainly help control their costs. Along with those key different factors we discussed being our staff, providing the best possible service with hard work, honesty, and integrity. I think all this adds up to why our customers at the end of the day decide to choose Witkemper Insurance Group as their partnership.

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Since 1984, Witkemper Insurance and Financial Services have been providing insurance and financial service solutions for over 40 national insurance and financial service companies across the United States.
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