Client Success Story: Helping a customer change employee culture

Brandon Ward, an Account Executive at Witkemper Insurance Group discusses the importance of being a man of your word as he takes us through a success story where he did more than planned to help a client change employee culture everywhere. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

There was a client of mine that called me and was just out of the blue and was asking for some insurance advice. His EMR rating was very high and was looking for ways to help, not someone he was looking for for real information, not someone that was just going to tell him, well your problem here is your MOD well, he already understood that, but he was looking for ways to try to help get his MOD down. I was very, very, very honest with this client and told him, we've got a lot of work to do, but we can accomplish this by establishing some overall better practices, including safety manuals, safety meetings, toolbox talks, tire kicks, distracted driving, reward program, etc.

For this client, that's a hard thing to do is when you start changing culture at a customer. But this customer realized that he had to do something different. We actually started to change the culture. We had employees looking after one another, just not business owners looking after the employees. It was an all hands on deck approach. We successfully drove the EMR rating down for this customer just because of some best practices that we put in. And now this customer, like I said in the beginning, is one of my largest assets, sending customers my way because he understands the importance of the things that we bring to the table here at Witkemper Insurance group.

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