The value of customer relationships

Kyle Browning, Co-owner/Vice President, of Witkemper Insurance Group sits down to talk about the value of developing customer relationships in the insurance world. When rates are measurable, you need to differentiate yourself in other ways, too. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

I think ultimately in our industry, what we have come to learn is people buy from people. They don't buy for the monetary values. While they have to be competitive, that's just the entry to the game them as being competitive. People buy from other people. They choose based on relationships. They have a lot of choices in our industry. They could go to 100 agents and buy the same 100 companies from all 100 agents if they wanted to. We all have the same carriers, the same opportunities. So it's the personal relationship that wins the business at the end of the day. And what we have to remember is that while we're interacting with these people, every time you're interacting with them, they're making an evaluation of you, of your character, of your integrity, of if you're trustworthy, can they believe what you're telling them? And over time you become impactful to them.

If you just continue to do what you say you'll do. All we're selling them is a piece of paper, that's a promise that if something happens, we'll be there. It's a total intangible sale. There is nothing tangible about what we're providing them when we sell them and they pay a premium. What matters is when there's an issue, are you there to help? When there's an issue, can you be impactful in that issue? Do you have the relationships at the carrier level to impact your customer's relationship with the carrier? You become their advocate. And that is what we strive to do and what we try to prove to our clients every day and why we believe they stay with us at Witkemper.

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