"Customers are my greatest asset"

Brandon Ward, an Account Executive at Witkemper Insurance Group walks us through his mindset in approaching insurance with his clients, and how there is much more than meets the eye with your insurance agent.

Prior to coming to work for Witkemper, for a number of years...my experience I obtained in the manufacturing industry definitely propelled me in my success as a commercial insurance executive. I've held various roles in the manufacturing arena from details of a quality inspector to setting up CNC equipment early in my career to run an entire manufacturing operations.

Because of my ​vast insurance knowledge and understanding that many business owners do wear multiple hats - I understand this from my prior leadership roles - I can put myself in their position and understand what a business owner wants and what a business owner is needing in a timely manner for them. I have several accounts I have obtained over the years that are now somewhat of my best assets. So when I say assets, they're giving me constant referrals to others, you know, whether it's a subcontractor utilizing or friends and family. So that's one of my best assets that I have is my customers out there spreading the good word about Witkemper Insurance Group and Brandon Ward.

Our experienced team at Witkemper Insurance Group is here to help you find the best solution to your business needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Since 1984, Witkemper Insurance and Financial Services have been providing insurance and financial service solutions for over 40 national insurance and financial service companies across the United States.
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